Five Valve Manifold Coplanar Mounting - G5VMC1



Five Valve Manifold Model G5VMC1 is designed as a new series of process instrument manifold for particular transmitter

The coplanar manifold when assembled to transmitter has the advantage of compact size with ease for operation in minimum space,thereby eliminating several components in integrating the manifold to the transmitter.The coplanar manifold has two isolating valves, one equalizer valve and two vent valves and two bottom test ports duly plugged.

The manifold dimensions illustrated are for standard 33 mm instrument centres but available for other centres. The direct mounting facility to the base of the differential pressure transmitter results in lesser leakage points and more accurate

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Connections Process: 1/2" NPT (F)
Instrument: Flanged
Drain / Vent: 1/4" NPT (F)
Test Pressure
@ 25°C Room Temperature
Hydrostatic: Body - 415 bar (g)
                 Seat - 415 bar (g)
Pneumatic: Seat - 7 bar (g)
Gland Packing
PTFE: Standard
GRAPHOIL: Temperatures above 200°C
A 105, A 182 / A 479 GR F 304,
A 182 / A 479 GR F316, Monel, Hastelloy, Duplex
Finish CS zinc plated. SS Natural
Option Test Port on precess side with plug.
Accessory Mounting Bolts - IS: 1364 - 1960 - 4 Nos