Sandwich Type Diaphragm Seal



Sandwich type Diaphragm Seals are the most commonly used Diaphragm Seals. The Diaphragm is sandwiched between Top Chamber & Bottom Chamber / Flange. These are available Threaded as well as Flanged process Connection. For low Pressure Range & Smaller Flange Sizes, “I” section type Diaphragm Seals are used.

Optionally, Flushing connection of 1⁄4” NPT(F) or 1⁄2” NPT(F) can be provided which  enables the user to flush out / clean the area below the diaphragm without removing the Seal from the process line. For Threaded Process Connection and Flange Connection with “I” section, Flushing connection shall be directly provided on the Bottom Chamber. For bigger Flange sizes, separate Flushing Rings (Spacer Rings) are usually provided.

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