Differential Pressure Gauges Diaphragm type



  • General purpose differential pressure measurement
  • Sensing Element of Diaphragm
  • Wetted Parts in SS316 / SS316L / Monel / Hastelloy-C
  • Non-wetted parts & Case in Stainless Steel
  • Accuracy ± 1.6% FSD
  • Span of dial marking at 270 Deg Angle, even for very low ranges

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Dial 100 mm / 150 mm, aluminium, white background, black markings
Case SS304 as standard (SS316 on request) with bayonet bezel
Protection Weatherproof to IP-68 (IS:13947 part I / IEC:60529)
Window Safety glass (Shatter proof / Toughened glass)
Pointer Pointer Light weight, micrometer adjustable
Sensing Diaphragm
Welled Parts Capsule in SS316, SS316L
Movement SS304 as standard (SS316 on request)
Connection ½" NPT (M) as standard (other on request)
Range Any range between 0 to 160 mm WC to 0 to 4 kg/cm2 (DP) / Higjer range on request
Static Pressure Upto 60 kg/cm2g, Higher Static Pressure on request
Accuracy ± 1% FSD
Temperature suitability (-)20°C to 60°C
Temperature Effect Within ±0.5% FSD/10°C, when temperature changes from reference temperature of 20°C
Optional Liquid filled case (for Range 0 to 1000mmWC & above only)