Differential Pressure Gauges - Mag DP (Pharma Application)



“General” make Mag-DP Gauges are designed for measuring very low differential pressures. Minimum measuring range offered is as low as 0 to 6 mmWC(DP). The Mag-DP Gauges are suitable for measuring fan & blower pressures, filter resistance, furnace draft and pressure drop across orifice plates, etc. Mag-DP Gauges are designed to suit Flush Panel Mounting or Sur face (Projection) Mounting or Yoke (2” Pipe) Mounting as per requirement. For maximum accuracy, it is recommended to mount the Gauge in vertical position. Suitable mounting accessories are provided with each Gauge.

  • Diaphragm operated, with magnetic helical movement
  • Suitable for measuring very low differential pressure
  • Minimum measuring range as low as 0 to 6 mmWC(DP)
  • Silicone Rubber diaphragm (Buna-N for Hydrogen Service)
  • Body material – Aluminium

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Mounting Orientation Diaphragm in ver tical position (Consult factory for other position orientations)
Size Nominal Size 4" (100 mm) & Case OD 4-1/2” (114 mm)
Dial Aluminium, white background with Black markings
Housing Die cast Aluminum Case & Bezel, with Acrylic cover, Weather proof to IP-65 as per IEC-60529. Exterior finish in coated Gray, withstands 168 hour Salt spray Corrosion Test
Sensing Element Silicone Rubber diaphragm with integrally molded O-ring For Hydrogen Service Diaphragm shall be Buna-N
Process Connections 1/8½ NPT(F) duplicate HP & LP Connections - One Pair at side & the other at back/rear. (1/8"NPT Plugs shall be provided for the unused connections)
Accuracy ±2% of FSD for Range 0 to 25 mmWC & above at 24 DegC ±3% of FSD for Range 0 to 10mmWC to 15 mmWC at 24 DegC ±4% of FSD for Range 0 to 6, -3 to 3, -5 to 5 mmWC at 24 DegC
Pressure Limits (-)500 mm Hg Vacuum to 1 bar.g Pressure
Over pressure Relief plug opens at approximately 25 psig (1.72 bar)
Temperature Limits 20 to 140°F (-6.67 to 60°C)
Weight Approx 500 gm
Standard Accessories Two 1/8½ NPT Male plugs for duplicate process connections Two 1/8½ pipe thread to rubber tubing adaptors Three flush mounting adapters & suitable screws.