Flow Instruments

Pioneering efforts in the field of Flow Elements over the last three decades, have ushered GENERAL to the forefront with sophisticated Plant & Machinery and Testing equipment’s for Design & Fabrication of very large and heavy flow elements required for mega projects across the country. GENERAL's flow elements manufacturing units, spread over 3000 sq. mtr., are situated at Goa having ISO 9001:2000 certification by Lloyds. GENERAL is the only Indian company whose Flow Instrument have obtained CE certification along with 'UL' (Underwriters Laboratory), USA certification and approved by all major Engineering Consultants in india and around the world. GENERAL has been supplying Flow Elements to various Industrial Sectors including Refineries, Petrochemicals, Chemicals, Fertilizers, Cement, Paper, Pharmaceutical, Power, Steel etc., in india and 30 countries spread across 5 continents. The only Indian company approved by major Refineries and Petrochemical companies in the Middle East including M/s. Kuwait Oil Company, M/s. Kuwait National Petroleum Company, M/s. Qatar General Petroleum Corporation; are also approved by M/s. Petronas, Malaysia