Meter Run Assemblies


General Instruments Manufactured Integral Orifice Assemblies are another type of measuring flow device, which caters to the principle of maintaining constant reynolds number through out the process of media entering and processed and finally out of the assembly. This is possible with the precision manufactured device wherein the input flange, with pipe chamber, the orifice assembly and the outlet pipe chamber and the subsequent flange for the flange end connection, all shall be attributed to constant reynolds number.

The type of integral assemblies General Manufactures

a) Integral meter run assembly upto 2”

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Material of construction of pipe chamber SS316, SS316L, A106, SS304, SS304L, Monel, Hastalloy, PP, PTFE
Material of orifice plate SS316, SS316L, SS304, SS304L, Monel, Hastalloy, PP, PTFE
Material of construction of the end connection SS316, SS316L, A106, SS304, SS304L, Monel, Hastalloy, PP, PTFE
End connections Flanged, BWE
Line size assemblies

1/2 to 2" for integral meter run assemblies and till 40" for meter run
Manifold block 3 way or 5 way in SS316 or SS316L or in A105
Isolation valve Ball, needle, globe, 1/2" NPT F in A105, SS316, SS316L, SS304, SS304L, monel, PP, PTFE
Pressure Rating 150# to 2500#
Application Integral meter Run - where direct mounting of DPT is required. Meter tube - where high accuracy measurement required each as gas metering, custody transfer and application
Orifice plates Square edge, concentric, segmental, eccentric, quadrant edge
Media Steam, steam water, water, acids, mixed phase, air, gasses,
liquids all forms, liquids not less than Reynolds 1250