Chambers for Guided Wave Radar


  •  Applicable upto 150 kg and upto 550 deg cent
  •  Cryo applications upto -196 deg cent
  •  Jacketed design applicable
  •  For applicability in critical, acidic, cryo and high temperature zone
  •  IBR certified device available
  • NACE, H2S service compatibility applicable
  •  Heat tracing available
  •  Level 1 radiographed body available
  •  Helium leak test proved design @ 10(-5) mbarlt/sec
  •  Viscous media (max upto 380 cst and upto 100 deg cent)
  • besides other acidic, non acidic, steam water media
  •  Device fully compatible for conductive and non conductive media
  •  Applicable for refinery, petrochemical, chemical, power,
  • radioactive, fertilizer, food, pharma, metal industry applications

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Product Chambers for Guided wave radar
Application For both conductive and non conductive liquids and mixtures of gas and liquid
Surface tension of the liquid Lowest to the highest
Refractive index of the liquid Lowest to the highest
Cable gland
Min 1250
Viscocity Min 0.1cp to max 200 cp at operating temp
Span of level measurement with accuracy  
defined, in a single stretch 200mm to 5000mm
Accuracy 0.2% of the complete span
Repeatability 0.2% of the complete span
Hysteresis 0.2% of the span
Max Velocity at the input of the  
measuring device 10m/s for liquid and 40 m/s for mix for gas and liquid
Application Acids, alkalies, steam water, hot water, resin liquid, molasis, thermic fluid,
rock slat paste, syrup, metal deforming liquids, food molasis
Operating pressure range 28mm wc to 150 kg
Operating temperature 550 deg cent
Operating density 340 kg/m3 to 1800 kg/m3
Radiography level Level-1
Helium leak test level 10(-5)mbarltr/sec
Thermal coefficient of expansion 0.2/deg cent
Communication with control room Yes with integrated design of transmitter
IBR certified YES
ATEX certified Not applicable
CCOE certified YES
Most demand in industry All Refinery / petrochemical and oil and gas and chemical application
Most applicable application Automation control systems in all refinery/petroc/chemical
Application in petrochemical plants HDPE/CCU/Boiler
Application in refinery CRU/CCU/ARU/DCU/DHDS plants and for HSD manufacture and Aviation fuel
Application in food and beverages Yes for all applications related to food and beverage industry