Magnetic Level Gauges


  •  Magnetic level gauge applicable upto 100 kg and upto 300 deg cent
  •  Cryo applications upto -196 deg cent
  •  Jacketed design applicable
  •  For applicability in critical, acidic, cryo and high temperature zone
  •  IBR certified device available
  •  NACE, H2S service compatibility applicable
  •  Heat tracing available
  •  Helium leak test proved design @ 10(-5) mbarlt/sec
  •  Viscous media (max upto 380 cst and upto 100 deg cent) besides other acidic, non acidic, steam water media
  • CE applicability
  •  Device fully compatible for conductive and non conductive media
  •  Special float design to enable to meet low critical specific gravit
  •  Applicable for refinery, petrochemical, chemical, power, radioactive, fertilizer, food, pharma, metal industry applications
  •  Versions available with limit sensors at high - high, high, low and low - low conditions
  •  CCOE approved switches available, ATEX,
  • FM certified available on demand
  •  Versions available with analog and digital (HART) and FIELDBUS transmitters fully integrated with the system for level gauge and transmitter
  •  CCOE approved and ATEX and FM versions applicable for HART and analog transmitters available Magnetic Level Gauges & Level Transmitters

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Type of Gauge Magnetic Level Gauge - MLG
Mounting Orientation Top Mounted Side Mounted
Pressure Upto 100 kg/cm
Temperature Upto 300 C
CCD Max. upto 700mm
Liquid Chamber In forged construction: Carbon steel, SS304, SS304L, SS316, SS316L, Monel, Titanium, Inconnel 600, Hastelloy C, Other on request subject to pressure & temperature condition
CMOC of Float In forged construction: SS304, SS304L, SS316, SS316L, PP, Titanium, Inconnel 600, Hastelloy C
Gasket CAF, PTFE, Grafoil with SS prignated
Fastner CS Plated, SS
Scale Aluminium anticorossion powder coated and SS engraved in mm
Indicating System Bicolour flapper in ABS/ Aluminium/ SS with 4mm length & 0.25mm thickness with aligned magnets
Protection box for bicolour flapper & follower type In mild steel, Aluminium, SS304, SS316 base on the requirements of atmospheric condition
Process Connection Flanged
Isolation Valve Auto Ball Check Valve 2 a) Screwed Bonnet offset construction suitable upto 50 kg/cm 2 b) Bolted Bonnet offset construction suitable above 50 kg/cm c) Material Construction as per wetted part
Vent ½” Plugged ½” Needle Valve ½” Ball Valve ½” Globe Valve ½” Gate Valve
Drain ½” Plugged ½” Needle Valve ½” Ball Valve ½” Globe Valve ½” Gate Valve
Specific gravity Please specify
Limit Switch Assembly Snap acting 1 SPDT Microswitch, 5A,230VAC
Switch Housing Die Cast Aluminium Weatherproof to IP-67 Die Cast Aluminium Explosionproof suitable for Gr. IIA, IIB Die Cast Aluminium Explosionproof suitable for Gr. IIC
Cable Entry 1 no / 2 nos. of 3/4"ET(F)
Optional Still well for top mounted construction