Level Transmitter

General Instruments A name recognized worldwide as a synonym for high-quality work, entrepreneurial spirit and innovative strength. The company is not only known for a complete product line in primary process control instrumentation and controls, but also offers the most modern integrated automation systems with its primary sensors. Introducing one of the most critical product lines in the Manifold is the level instruments. With its marked precision and technical knowhow, the state of art level gauges and level switches are manufactured to meet all most critical applications in level sensing and control. Instruments - Level Division, has the integrated systems of HART and Fieldbus with its most accurate level transmitters which are integrated in one of its design of magnetostrictive type with magnetic level gauge, besides having displacement type level transmitter and high end level switches. General Instruments offer Level Transmitter designed and manufactured under technical collaboration with M/s. Gauges Bourdon Ltd. - France.