Gauges with External Zero Adjustment

Applicable for all Models, where code “E” is specified in Option column


Generally Pressure Gauges Differential pressure are provided with micrometer type pointer, by which zero can be adjusted after opening the Bezel & Glass. However for Gauges with Liquid (Glycerine / Silicone Oil) filled case, this arrangement is practically not suitable, since the filling liquid has to be drained before opening the Bezel & Glass. After doing the zero adjustment, the Bezel & Glass has to be re-assembled and again the case has to be filled with liquid.

In order to overcome this difficulty, General instruments consortium has developed a unique of external zero adjustment. By this arrangement, zero can be adjusted without draining the Glycerine, without opening the Bezel, without removing the Glass & without touching the pointer, just by rotating a knob provided out side the Gauges. This arrangement is highly recommended from the maintenance view, especially for liquid filled Gauges.

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