Heavy Duty Capsule Sensing Pr. Gauges



  • Compliance to latest EN-837 standard
  • Range : As show in the table
  • All SS internals
  • Special design with built in Gauges saver also available

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Ref.standard EN837
Dial 100 mm / 150 mm, aluminium, white background, black markings
Case SS304 / SS316 with bayonet bezel
Protection IP-68 (IS:13947 part I / IEC:60529)
Window Safety glass (shatter proof / toughened glass)
Movment SS304
Capsule SS316, SS316L
Pressure Chamber SS316, SS316L
Connection 1/2 "NPT (M) as standard (other on request)
Range Refer Table
Accuracy ± 1% FSD
Over range As per EN 837
Zero adjustment Micrometer Pointer
Blow out disc Provided
Temperature Sutablity Ambient (-) 20°C to 60°C, Media 100°C
Temperature Effect Within ±0.6% FSD/10°C, when temperature changes from reference temperature of 20°C (as per EN-837 standard)
Optional solid front case
Special Construction to withstand high design pressure (built in Gauge saver
Built in snubber
External Knob for zero setting
NACE compliance

Table 1

0-250 mm WC (-)250 to 0 mm WC
0-400 mm WC (-)400 to 0 mm WC
0-600 mm WC (-)600 to 0 mm WC
0-1000 mm WC (-)1000 to 0 mm WC
0-1600 mm WC (-)1600 to 0 mm WC
0-2500 mm WC (-)2500 to 0 mm WC
0-4000 mm WC (-)4000 to 0 mm WC
0-6000 mm WC (-)6000 to 0 mm WC

Heavy duty