In-House testing facilities for Pressure Gauges


Pressure Gauges and different Pressure Gauges are manufactured in technical Collaboration with M/s Gauges Bourdon, U.K. The same are manufactured and tested in accordance with EN:837 Standard. Following tests are carried out to ensure the quality of Pressure Gauges. We can carry out following tests In-House at our manufactured plant.
1. Visual Inspection                           
2. Dimensional Verification                    
3. Accuracy Test                               
4. Hysteresis Test                             
5. Leak Test                                   
6. Influence of Mounting Position
7. Degree of Protection
8. Effects of Mechanical Vibration
9. Effects of Mechanical Shock
10. Endurance test with Steady Pressure
11. Endurance test with Over Pressure
12. Endurance test with Cyclic Pressure
13. Safety Blow-out Test
14. Thermal stability test at reated temperature
15. Temperature effect Test
16. Energy release Test

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