MUD Gauges



  • Designed for oil industries / coal industries
  • This Gauge is specially designed to measure the pressure of pulsating fluids including solid particles in suspension of stand pipe of mud pumps
  • It can also be used for any other fluid
  • Its sturdy construction can undergo severe working conditions
  • The pressure ranges meet every requirement of the oil industry
  • Pressure too high indicates a plugged drill bit or an increase in mud density or viscosity. Early indication of mud pump pressure provides an early warning of circulation problem enabling driller to make suitable corrections & helps to avoid major problems

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Dial Nominal gauge size - 4" (100 mm)
Dial type Moving (Rotating), aluminium, white background, black markings
Window Perspex Safety Glass
Bourdon Tube AISI 316 
Movement SS304
Range 0 to 100 Bar Min. to 0 to 420 Bar Max
Body Die Cast Al. weatherproof to IP-68
Accuracy ± 1% FSD
Over range 130% FSD
Sensing Element SS 316L, Diaphragm
Seal Chamber SS316
Sealing Fluid Silicone Oil
Mud Protection Nitrite Rubber Pad
Process Connection 2" LP(male) / 2" NPT(M) / Flanged
Option CE, ATEX