Pointer Puller & Fixer Kit


Requirement of International Quantity Standard ISO-9001:2008, calls for proper maintenance and periodic calibration of the measuring instruments. For Dial type Gauges, this may require removal of the Glass, unscrewing of the dial and removal & re-fixing of the Pointer. Use of hand is not advisable for removing and fixing the pointer. Pointer Puller (Extractor) and Pointer Fixer (Pneumatic Hammer) are to be used for this purpose.

The Pointer Puller & Fixer Kit contains one pneumatic hammer (Pointer Fixer) and 3 Pointer Pullers having central pin of different diameters (i.e., 0.7 mm, 1 mm & 1.2 mm), the recommended procedure for pointer removal and fixing, which is followed internationally is given overleaf.

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