Thermocouple/RTO with Local Indication


  • Battery or mains operated
  • Special magnetic key for battery operated model to save battery consumption.
  • Combination of local indication with provision for parallel remote indication.
  • Weatherproof or flameproof case.
  • Longer length of sensor available.
  • Accuracy better than 1% full scale.

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Sensor RTD or thermocouple, single or duplex
Enclosure a) SS304 for battery operated
b) Diecast Aluminium (LM6 Gr.) for mains operated
Protection a) Weatherproof to IP - 67 (IS - 13947 Part I)
b) Flameproof to Gr. I, IIA, IIB CMRI Dhanbad approved CCOE (equivalent to NEC CI.1 Div.2, Gr.C & D) only in Diecast Aluminium (LM6 Gr.) case
Display 3½ digit, 12 mm LCD
Resolution 1 C / 0.1 C
Range (-) 25 C to 500 C for RTD, 0 to 1000 C for thermocouple (other ranges available on request)
Accuracy Better than 1% of full scale ± 1 digit
Power supply a) 9 V battery
b) Mains - 230 V AC / 110 V AC
c) Loop powered - 24 V DC
Special feature a) Power on / off provided be magnetic key for all battery operated models
b) Duplex element with local indication and provision for remote indication and 4-20 mA Signal
Process connecting ½" NPT (M) as standard (or as specified)
Mounting Local or surface
Accessory Thermowell (refer section on Thermowell)