In-House Test Facilities


  • Accuracy test
  • Over range test
  • Hysteresis test
  • Response time test
  • Repeatability test
  • Vibration test (rattling test)
  • Load test
  • Mounting position test
  • Ambient temperature compensation test (Case compensation test) 
  • Capillary compensation test
  • Thermal stability test
  • Hermetical sealing test (for Bimetal Temperature Gauges)
  • End nipple test (for Bimetal Temperature Gauges)
  • Hose down test (water spray test)
  • Switching accuracy test (for contact assembly & microswitch type models)
  • High voltage test (for contact assembly & microswitch type models)
  • Insulation test
  • Contact resistance test
  • Altitude test
  • Cyclic test

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In-House testing facilities for Temperature Gauges

For the manufacturing & testing of Temperature Gauges, we strictly follow EN: 13190-2001 and ASME B40.200.
Following tests are carried out to ensure the quality of Temperature Gauges. We have facilities to carry out following tests in-house at our manufacturing plant.