Liquid Filled Dial Thermometer



Liquid filled system based on liquid (other than mercury) expansion principle is used for measuring temperature 0 ranging from (-)30 C to 250 C.

It has faster response and the same is available in rigid stem as well as capillary type for remote sensing. Every angle type can be offered in all SS construction. Generally used where mercury type thermometer is not used in industries such as Food, Pharmaceutical, etc. The main advantage is its minimum immersion length required for sensing (as low as 30mm suffices for proper sensing thereby making it ideal for installing in lower line sizes).

  • Rugged construction
  • Rigid stem or capillary type
  • Suitable for pharmaceutical, food, biotechnology industry
  • Protection class IP-67
  • Accuracy ± 1% FSD
  • Minimum immersion length (as low as 30 mm suitable for lower line sizes possible)
  • Case compensated system

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Ref. Standard ASME B 40.200, EN 13190
System Liquid filled, case compensated in accordance with SAMA CI. I B
Dial 100 mm or 150 mm in aluminium, white background,
black markings
Case SS304 / SS316 with bayonet bezel
Protection Weather proof to IP - 67 (IS/IEC: 60947 / IEC: 60529)
Window Shatterproof glass
Pointer Aluminium, black, micrometer adjustable
Stem S304 or SS316 in 6 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm, 12 mm dia
(immersion length as small as 30 mm possible).
Capillary SS Covered / SS Covered + PVC / SS Covered + SS armoured /
SS Covered + SS Armoured +PVC (up to 5 Mtr.).
Connection 1/2" NPT (M) as standard in SS304 or SS316 three piece adjustable
compression fitting.
Range (-) 30°C to 250°C with a minimum span of 50°C
Accuracy ± 1% FSD
Over range 125% FSD
Reset Micrometer Pointer
Optional Silicone Oil Filled Case
1) For minimum insertion length essential for proper sensing,
contact our design department.
2) Three point calibration certificate accompanies each thermometer